Are you a GoGetter?

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

Building a business is challenging, especially when doing it in Africa. However these challenges become opportunities when surrounded by smart, motivated and ambitious people. A community, who you can trust, who will hold you accountable and keep you energised.

A network of people committed to the African dream, so wherever you go, you can plug into like minded friends who completely understand you.

Do you want to join an entrepreneurial community of opportunity makers, helping each other to build successful businesses across sub-Saharan Africa? Are you a GoGetter? Do you know other people who are GoGetters?

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Build a foundation

To source and support the right type of talent into Africa and connect them with relevant opportunities. 

Change perception

Correct the misconceptions attached to sub-Saharan Africa as being a place that is poor and lacks business opportunities. 

Establish a network

Build a trusted peer network of members committed to helping each other to keep growing – personally and professionally.


Discover and document the business opportunities and constraints within sub-Sahara Africa.